If you were offered money to play the villain in the role described in the additional details of this question would you play it?

So basically you would play the villain in a movie where all the watcher wants is to see the good guy win but he never does.

The plot goes like this: The film starts with the villain kidnapping the good guy's wife and kids, killing his dog inside his burning house and leaving the good guy beaten and bloodied and unable to save his family.
Hell bent on revenge, the good guy goes through a series of unbelievable triumphs over the villains evil forces to make his way to the villains lair.

Inspirational music plays as it looks like the hero will catch the villain but just as he is within touching distance he falls through a trap door the villain is strategically standing behined and the good guy falls into an inescapable dungeon.
Whilst behined bars in the dungeon the villain rapes and murders the good guy's wife and sends his children away to be slaves right in front of his eyes and laughs.
The film ends with the the good guy 20 years later still in the dungeon and is shown the bodies of his now adult but deceased children who were tortured to death after lives of slavery. The good guy screams before being lashed and told to shut up and the film ends.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I would accept it, it's just a movie and a role. 💁
    And honestly, I think I can act pretty good. 😄


What Guys Said 3

  • I'd accept the role.

    Why? Because it's a role. I'd be an actor.

    Actors play rapists and torturers all the time. Nothing new.

    • Consummate professional

  • I think I can do it. Been an actor in school plays before. Not easy but still fun.

  • How much % do i get on merchandise?

    • 15% but only from stuff representing your character

    • There is also a chance of a sequel since your character is the victor

    • sign me up then!