How well do you like your current doctor? How well did you like your pediatrician?

I am at the doctor's office (for myself this time ) and it got me reflecting on doctors. I think my current doctor is OK, but not nearly as good as my previous doctor (who retired a few years ago).

I had an EXCELLENT pediatrician when I was a child. Aside from keeping me in excellent health, she was very kind and compassionate, with a fine ability to explain what ailed me (she appreciated that I enjoyed science and answered questions I had about human anatomy and biology).


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  • I trust he knows his job. He knows I'm cautious and know a lot about medicine and medicines. (And that I'm able to find a lot of information.) Thus he doesn't spend half the time to explain what I have, in comparison to the time he takes for my wife.
    He's my doctor since 14 years now, he only made two errors during that time. (Errors without consequences, wrong meds -wrong for me, not for other people) Thus I keep going to him when needed. Let's call it mutual appreciation.

  • I'm kinda like you. I mean, my current doctor isn't awful; he's just kinda meh.

    My old doctor, I freakin' LOVED her. She was younger, more energetic, was more open to alternative medicines, and she actually studied nutrition -- something that not many doctors devote time to. She was also more connected to my health on a personal level, whereas my new doctor is less personable.

    • Out of curiosity, do you remember your pediatrician?

    • Not really, no. But that's because we moved quite a bit when I was younger.

    • With a two year exception when my family moved to Texas, I had the same pediatrician into my teens.

      During the two years in Texas, I had a good pediatrician there, too. A Chinese guy. I was always scared when I first entered, but he calmed me down easily.

  • I do appreciate him, he takes his time for his patients and knows his job.
    I wouldn't change at all.
    Oh and he's working together with 2 very pretty ladies but that you never heard okay 8) ?

    • My doctor's current nurse, well at least the one who always takes my vitals (she has other nurses, but they almost never interact with me), has a very strong Hungarian accent. It's unnerving when the person drawing blood from you sounds like Dracula.

    • Haha did she take blood with a needle or... drink... ? :o :o