Why are there so many race posts made recently?

Are you proud of yourself white people? I don't like black people and i'm latino, I am proud to be white am I racist? Like are you serious? Does that have to do anything with the website girlsaskguys?


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  • You are right but don't forget your question is one of the race questions.
    In British Parliamentary debates we have rule, debaters never mention religion as an argument, it would be good to do same about race in real life. We should not touch this topic it is sensitive for some people.

    • even though it's a question of race, it's a general question on why people keep placing race into topics? like it's more of a dating/relationship advice site than a race site like that makes no sense to me?

    • I get your point just I wish I had not seen a word race in every single question

    • not every single question but most of it was today I seen earlier

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  • LOL. Are these coming from Anonymous posters? If so, they're wannabe Trolls. I haven't seen someone who wasn't Anonymous say s/he was a racist.

    • ah true, I should look at that again, there's always anon's trolling :(

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  • And the 'Askers' often stay anonymous. ^~^.

    • didn't answer the question, but the reason why I stayed anonymous is because I don't want some of my followers thinking i'm race topic obsessed.

    • I didn't ask any of these questions. I suppose we got some race obsessed members.

    • yea, it's ridiculous , the site is obvious about how girls and guys interact, and how relationships work and things of that nature, not race, like wtf. lol

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