If someone unchecks "Read Only" from his music folders, why they still don't play?

I transferred the files from my old computer (via a USB stick) to my new one. Those files were supposed to be "protected" since they come from original albums. I tried to convert a CD's tracks into MP3 in my new computer, and they play normally. But when I transferred them from my old one they didn't. And they were the same tracks exactly. Why it happens? I unchecked read only.



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  • If you unchecked read only, did you see what kind of privileges it had in the 'security' tab?

    Also, you might want to perhaps try running the mp3 file from the console (terminal if u use linux).

    I dunno if it will work for you but I just checked and it worked for me. Here's how you do it.
    -Open command prompt (type it in you search bar)
    and then write this:
    start c:\music\songname. mp3

    Essentially what you need to do is to write start and then followed by the destination to your music file. In order to know the destination, go to you music file in windows explorer and then on the top side below all of the tools and what not, there's the destination written.
    -ctrl+c all of that
    -ctrl+v in to the command prompt.
    I just checked and it opened a music file for me.

    Also, remember. If the file name has a space in it (this is a reason you should always name files with no spaces), then but it in "quotation" marks like
    start c:\music\"my song. mp3"


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