Ways people show guilt?

How people show guilt. If he cannot look me in eye and has turned pretty nasty towards me , keep bring up things from beginning of relationship that I did. Calling me things such as desperate won't even cuddle me at night time , avoids seeing me and wouldn't even text me back after I sent s really nice message then a message to say I know what he's done a couple days later not even a reply at all is this guilt? When he was last with me he was so cold and kept going on about past stuff and asking me if I've slept with other people and he doesn't believe I haven't. And avoids all eye contact like won't look at me for a single second don't even want to speak to me says he's tired. And have not heard anything at all from him not even a reply back to my nice message nor my nasty message is this out of guilt?


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  • Doesn't sound like guilt. Sounds like he wants to be away from you