Why are they doing this?

There's quite a few people on my school that keep bullying me. I've tried to ignore it. I'm a really shy person and have a few friends. People are hating me without getting to know me. This guy called me a thot even though I'm a virgin. I haven't dated anyone. I hear no one likes you constantly. I'm getting tired of it. I have a resting bitch face.


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  • Because they're ignorant. It could be because they have a bad household situation as well.

    If it bothers you, you could go to a counselor,. But whenever I had someone try to bully me, I would simply ignore them so that they know that they would not be able to affect me. They got bored quickly.

    • I've tried, but it seems to get worse. I don't know half of them. I'm a loner at times. This person in one of my classes said I was too easy?

  • Don't ignore it. Stand up to them.