I want your opinion! Would you stay inside a parental cage?

I'm actually 18 but can't change age on GAG and about to graduate high school.
Parents feed me but...
Things not allowed to do:
-Have phone
-Go on any website except homework (get on here by acting like doing homework)
-watch TV except news occasionally a sport but not for long
-Go outside
-Talk to people at school bus stop
-Have friends
-Talk to girls
-Have a girlfriend
-Talk to family
-Buy clothes I want to get
-Get a job
-Go off to big college/university campus 3.7 GPA (i have to go to college from home)
-Anything without them basically.
They also do a 1 hour prayer EVERY single day even if i have a lot of homework

I want your opinion! Would you stay inside a parental cage?

What would you do? I am thinking about joining the US military as a way to leave and then going to college.

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  • No/ go to college with no life
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  • Yes/ explain
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any more opinions


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would just move out on my own, if you're going to the military because you want to then thats okay, however if you're going to just seek a way out, there's another way.


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  • i'm going to the military as a "way out" of debt, access to the best tech, travel, and to have that first hand experience on how the rest of the world is.

    i wouldn't join if i wasn't getting compensated somehow.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Join the military! That sum up my life!

    • give me a brief synapse of what happened in your situation please

    • Nothing I stay home to long that all I know.

  • I think you should talk to your parents, they sound a little over strict

    I'm sure they want what's best for you but I don't think they are going about it right

  • Run away... run far away... J/k but that is very strict.

  • According to your profile, you're in the 25-29 age group...

    • I can't change it!

    • Liar, liar, pants on fire...

    • your not 18-24, you 5-10 age group

What Guys Said 6

  • Wow... that sounds awful. When I was 17-18, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do. Don't go to the military. though. It'll mess you up potentially and it'll certainly steal your innocence. Just try to move out on your own. Sadly, I can't really give you a good advice what exactly you should do but doing to college is certainly a good idea. And if you're at it... maybe consider going to a college far away, in a different state or even on the other side of the country. That'll get you a completely new environment, new friends, hopefully a girlfriend etc..

  • Just go to college, tell them you'll do what you fucking want... They can't stop you living on campus or renting a place...

  • There's a reason I moved out and 650 miles away at 19.

    • how did u do that?

    • Moved in with my aunt and uncle, got a decent paying job within 10 days, and my own apartment within 45 days. This was 32 years ago, however. I know times and situations have changed a lot since then.

  • The military will be much the same. Your parents sound extreme, I would say move out when you can.

  • Dude i findout their parental conrtols passwords and be free. Thats how i got here. (Savage)

  • Yeah bro, they are far too controlling. Your situation isn't normal, it could be worse though. Being forced to pray everyday and having those rules is better than being beaten everyday and having those rules...

    Whatever you do you'll enjoy the freedom :)

    • yeah i know it can be WAY worse, ex: look at isis controlled areas
      but what do you think i should do to get "the freedom"

    • Ok all I really meant is you are a rational person stuck in an irrational situation. The freedom to have friends, talk to strangers, talk to girls, have a girlfriend are most important here. Being welcome in a social circle of, say, 20-60 people will be fulfilling in a new way to you and I feel excited for you. You will love it. Girls are good :)))

    • Ok (((: