How would you feel if your ex girlfriend did this on Instagram? And why do you still follow them if they don't follow you back?

Let's say he/she unfollows you and removes you from every social media. You still follow them? What is your reason to following them? And how would you feel if they forecefully had you unfollow them by blocking you first and unblocking you so you can be removed from their list?

Reasons men still follow their exes on social media?
ANYONE want to answer this question lollolol I AM CURIOUS?


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  • How would I know that the person has removed themselves from all of my social media?

    • Well because he checks and is constantly on social media. He knows i deleted him. But why follow the girl if you are out hooking up with others? Why keep pics of her on your social media?

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    • Was he the jealous type? If he's screwing around with other women, he might have broke it off so that he could sleep around with no attachment.

      I bet if you said you were interested in someone else, he'd make contact.

    • Well we never had sex so... I don't know sometimes he was. I was the jealous type. But now he os hanging around the school slut and her friends. Who knows?