I am a college student who has a single friend and have only ever dated one woman. Can someone provide some advice for moving forward?

To start, I'm getting way too depressed nowadays. My days on campus generally consist of waking up, going to eat breakfast, going to class, doing work-study, eat lunch, and hang out by myself in my dorm room until dinner.

I grew up a lonely kid. I never had many friends and the ones I did have I would not actually consider "Friends". I only ever hung out with someone twice in my life. Once at a birthday party and once I got invited to hang.

Naturally I am a very "different" person. I don't act, feel, or believe the same way as others my age. I am a Gamer. No I am not only interested in video games and meeting only other gamers.

I want to make friends regardless of interests. I want a girlfriend (who won't say she loves me and then starts talking to two lifeguards while we are together (that was a good experience)). And I want to show people that I am just as cool as the next guy.

I just can't figure things out on my own. I don't know how to break this cycle of lonliness and self-loathing. I just want to be happy. I have so many things that sone people would kill for.

I'm fairly attractive (handsome but not built really. Imagine a guy who has some natural muscle but doesn't work out and you get me kinda.), I am pretty intelligent (debateble tbh but I'm rolling with it), and I essentially got a free ride to college.

I have so much going right in my life and I am so blessed, but this one issue I have just destroys it all. I feel so miserable I sometimes think the window next to my bed looks too easy (if you catch the meaning..).

I don't mean to rant. I don't mean to give my life story. I just NEED answers. I NEED something to help me move forward. I can't do this for 3 and a half more years. I want to be happy.

If anyone feels the same way or has any advice for me than thank you.

No "go hang out with people" is not acceptable. I need details!


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  • I think being lonely justifies frustration and warrants complaints. Seriously, life is nothing if you're lonely.

    I would suggest talking with more people. If you can't find people, learn where lots of people go (such as clubs), and go there.

  • Stop acting like a fgit and worrying about what other people think about you. Start lifting and becoming aesthetic. Start approaching women and stop putting them on the pedestal.