Why aren't girls interested anymore?

I remember in high school and the beginning of college that girls used to have crushes on me and such. That was awesome. Now I don't get any looks, attention, or interest, let alone any crushes. I think i've only gotten better socially too? What gives? This has happened over the past couple of years where women seem less and less interested as time goes on. My tinder matches have become more and more infrequent, girls always act indifferent towards me, women are less responsive during dates, and no girls ever flirts with me either.

I used to be able to makeout with a few girls at a party and now i'm lucky if they'll even dance with me. What the hell could have happened? This sucks. I used to have great confidence, even for a long while after women started losing interest in me. Now that i haven't had any affection in years my confidence has recently started waning--I no longer expect women to be interested in me. I no longer imagine an optimistic outcome and I assume low odds of having any success. I'm sure this recent reduction in confidence will make things even worse now than ever before. its like an endless spiral of disappointment, but what could have started the downward spiral. I thought things could only get better. Any theories at what could of happened? Did I lose my boyish good looks maybe? Does my personality suck ass now, or maybe both/


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  • One theory is as they've matured past that fun stage in life they are now looking for a stable partner to have kiddies with. Your good socially you say but are you able to provide? Do you have a solid job? House? Put food on the table?

    Have you matured as you've aged? They don't want to marry an immature kid.

    Confidence is key. Regain it with personal challenges that improve yourself. Learn to cook, do some artwork, gym (muscles help confidence), compete in some mixed gender sport, go and climb a mountain (adventure stories, Great date talks there). Do you get my drift?

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