How would you react if guy you always liked asked you for bj randomly?


> you both going in same school from like 5 years
> you find him very hot and like him too
> he texts you randomly to break the shell and give him bj

Whatd you do?

Be honest nerds


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  • Lmao @ gag for featured your question mate

    • Wtf you talking about fgit, Hell rather make mine featured than some chicks bitching about how their boyfriend left em

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    • I click on this guys social media profile every day why doesn't he know that I love him?

    • Lmaoo. "hm whys he liking other model pics on Instagram doe?"

  • I'd give him a bro job lol.

  • Ok bro. I'm not gonna skirt around your question like everyone else.

    She'd be put off, honestly. The Alphabro routine works really well at parties, bars and clubs - places where women are drinking and fully looking to hook up. In those situations, being forward is the best game.

    However, this girl is close to you. She knows you, you're friends. You don't NEED the Alphabro attitude on this one. You need the Sigmabro attitude.

    You don't want it to be deep, I get it, you just wanna fuck and then get your jacket and leave. I'm exactly the same. That doesn't, however, mean you have to tell HER that. You say she's been crushing on you for 5 years - do you not see how easy it could be?

    You can get her in your apartment, with some beers and a movie. Be caring, loving, show her the sensitive side. It's what women in her position want to see. She doesn't want you to just be the next guy, she wants more. You must convince her you're willing to provide her with what she wants. Come out with some beta, heartfelt nonsense to throw her off guard, then make the move. Make it romantic, soppy - all that shit you hate. It WILL work.

    Bottom line is, you're gonna burn a friendship either way. Why not at least get more than an angry reply message?

    If you've already sent the text, let me know how it pans out. I suspect she won't bite. If you haven't, play smart. This is low-quality game and you know it. You're better than that, OP.

    • I haven't but dang son, that hit ha

    • I just think you're a little above tryna get laid by text.

      All that lifting is a waste of energy if you don't use it. Dem gains are going to be much more persuasive in person. Plus, she's relaxed with a beer as opposed to just getting a booty call on her phone wherever she happens to be. This works in your favour too. It's about increasing the odds.

      You say it's been 5 years? I'd bet she's imagined that exact scenario (and how it leads to fucking you) at one point or another. The trick is, to be what she imagined. Women don't imagine being straight up asked to suck dick - it's not how their minds work. You want to bang her, so I assume at least an 8/10. But, you're here asking advice, so she isn't the normal 'sorostitute' you're used to. These women want romance and passion and gay shit like that. They need to feel a 'connection' before they fuck someone.

      More work, but more reward.

      I could be totally wrong, but I don't think I am.

    • Yea she definitely is in gay shit like that, she even draw lol so there's that and yea 8 at least but yea I am thinking back on this to. She came at house just to see why I am exactly not coming to school earlier today lol

  • Are ya in a similar situation dude? xD
    I'd probably get a kick in the balls and a slap on the face if I asked the girl I like. haha

  • I would give him a bj #nohomo

  • Some of them will no longer like the guy for not being able to get him mind off the gutter

  • I would give him an escorts number

  • I'd have some self respect and tell him to f*** off, but that's just me

    • Not even if he's your broest bro of em all? Wtf bro. That's breaking every rule in brocode, is it because you'd feel gay after that? Just cause of society?

  • Lol @ asking for blowjobs. We beta now fgit? You take her head and force her to choke on it.

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