How would you react if someone of the same sex told you he/she finds you hot?

If someone who is either gay or bi tells you they find you hot how do you react or/and feel?

I was out with this girl i found out that night was bi, didn't really give it a second though untill she mentioned she found me attractive.. I just lookd at her and smiled. i didn't know how to react.

A girl saying she finds me sexually attractive is the same as a guy im not attracted to telling me they find me attractive, its nice to hear. but i dont take it to heart and i guess it does mean as much to me as if a guy i liked said the same thing.

So, girls how would you feel if a lesbian or a bi girl told you they found you sexually attractive? And guys, how would you feel if a gay or bi guy told you he found you sexually attractive?

by the way in this scenario the person isn't asking you out, they are just telling you what they think about your looks


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'd probably laugh (cause that's what I do in awkward situations) and say something like "Thanks but I ain't like at".

    • Im not saying the guy is asking you out, he is Just giving you a compliment

    • Yeah, I know lol. I'd thank him for the compliment but make sure he knows I'm not into men so it doesn't turn into something really awkward for either of us

    • Ah, I understand, makes sense!

What Girls Said 2

  • I would be flattered! Say thank haha

  • I would feel a little awkward and politely turn them down.

    • Even if she didn't ask you out?

    • Well I would at least let them know I'm straight.

    • Really? Hm.. interesting.. We are ofc different, but I would never turn a person down unless they directly asked me out