Am I supposed to tell Amazon when they messed up on a refund? Or just leave it be?

If amazon randomly refunded me money from a gift card I spent on a digital code I've already redeemed, am I supposed to let them know they fucked up? I just don't want them to later on realize what they did and then dock my actual bank account for the missing payment.

Because I'm about to just go buy another code with the refunded money.
Well you now have 370 platinum in your name for warfarm. Llz.


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  • well.. if you live by morals, you know what the right thing to do would be.

    that being said, if you live to say fuck morals, then you know what to do.

    other than that, if they don't have your bank account information, the most they could do is ban your account. how much of a refund was it? flukes like this happen and they go unnoticed from time to time.

    • It was only 20 dollars. They thought my account was hacked. The stuff I got when I redeemed the code is still there though.
      I'm about to just go buy another code, but I don't know what liberties they're allowed to take to rectify their mistake.

    • i doubt they would even notice. and since it wasn't your fault, just go for it. you could just play dumb and say you were none the wiser and they wouldn't do anything.

    • they're not going to lose a customer over $20

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  • Depends on whether you feel like being honest.

  • Yeah if you used amazon a lot, don't wanna get blacklisted by them. Keep the money if you rarely shop with them

    • Well I did the right thing and told them. They had no idea what was happening, so I went ahead and got another one. x] Thank Amazon.

    • Good Guy Amazon
      Scumbag 90'skid

  • I worked for amazon and those #%&£@ ¥×π#& &+ π÷∆ owe me money!
    Spend it! Teach those $¢÷#% #@%$€÷ a lesson!


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  • I think you should tell them. They could charge you later or ask them.