Do you think one of the major flaws of 21st century living which is so characterised by devices is the loss of the 'personal touch' in communication?


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  • Yes. I thought my generation was bad untill I met my friends sister. She is 14 and even takes her phone to the bathroom. It drives me crazy, but her parents are proud of her "being so good with technology"

    • 'Matica Hrvatska, dobar dan kako si?

      Sorry, i was in Croatia last year, awesome place. I think it is bad because communication is life and all these gadgets take a way from this

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    • I googled Zagorje, it looks so beautiful there..

      I cannot handle mobile phones, and it drives me crazy stuff like 'texting'

    • Yeah, I get it. I honestly never got used to those touch screens.

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  • Yes, yes I do, a lot of people don't realize it but with every advancement in technology we lose part of what makes us human, human interaction face to face, losing the ability to do things ourselves, I mean young people today don't know how to do a lot of things that are parents or grand parents did like have constant face to face interaction and conversation with other people, fish, work on cars, hunt, etc. And lord help us if we ever get self driving cars lord help us we'll lose even the ability to do that.

    I persoanlly like to distant myself from technolgy like I use my grandfathers watch or one of my classic pocket watches were I have to manually set the time and date instead of using a digitial watch that sets everything automatically. Or I don't even use my cell phone except for a alarm clock or notepad and even that will soon be replaced by my wallet/notepad I'll be getting, othe then that I don't even take my phone anywere. Or you know taking a nightly walk and enjoying nature and just smoking my pipe outside and listening to the birds and breeze, while I'm at the park, porch or out fishing, instead of being stuck inside on the computer all day.

    Technogly is all good and well just don't lose the ability to do things for yourself even if it's a bit harder and don't let technogly take what makes you a human being.

  • No. You can't have one without the other it's just a trade that's worth it big time.

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