Why did this had to happen?

I been talking to this girl for a while and we had a very good connection, even though, she's from the UK and I'm from the US. She seems like everything I want from a girl by personality. But today, I sent her a friendly message on Kik and it was left on sent. I was thinking that never happen before. I went to Instagram and I noticed that her Instagram account said No photos or video. She was always a photoholic and her other account said the same. So, I carried onto Snapchat to check she sent something there and it was nothing. She stays on Snap more than anything else. I was thinking isn't right. I went to Facebook and her account was gone, so as her MeetMe account. I was like fuck, she been hacked. None of her accounts exist anymore. So, later on, I check to see if the message went through and it was the same. It feels like it was supposed to happen or so, like God cancelled her out of my life for a reason. I was hoping if she tried to make a new account, but it was nothing. What should I do?


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