Was she trying to irritate me?

So I was picking up my nightly coffee, (University), when I saw this girl working at a coffee shop. She was looking at me super angrily or something, and I sort of was like, I think I know her.

After deliberating my order, I was like, 'Were you in 'x' club?' so she said yeah, and I was like, 'I think I remember you.'

Was on my way to go where she came up and started chatting, (I was like... okay...). Was asking which tournaments I went to, (I was thinking why is this relevant), so I continued making small talk. When it was going nowhere I finally said, "well I guess we must've met each other through the club,' and was abotu to head out when she said, 'No, I think I remember you showed up LATE with this other girl as your partner.'

My face reddened and I got super-pissed. First of all, I barely know her she's no one to be saying that, and second of all, what the hell? That happened two years ago and I wasn't late. I was balancing two commitments at the time.

I couldn't help but feel that this was a deliberate stab at me because I saw the fat girl working in a coffee shop.


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  • yeah she tried. maybe she is jealous of your beauty and attractiveness.


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