Describe the pain that you're feeling?

He was older , yes older than me.
Nobody needed to know i was messing with a guy two years older than me.
But deep inside i know my parents would've killed me.

I was older , yes i was.
I was 14, i was 14.
But that was their perspective.

I'm 17 . The face of the 14 . The word of the 60 .
Let me bring it down a little and say of the "wise".
He meant a lot to me to the leading consequences i did not think twice.

His past he said, he cheated because he didn't care about her... He didn't care.

He wanted a future with me and thats something i couldn't promise in reality. He was over protective.
He was ever so filled with temper.
His eyes would shoot through mine then he told me i am his.
He told me he would hurt anyone who is before me and after.
He cared a bit too much, a bit too soon.

He wanted a relationship i couldn't give him..
But he told the world already.
He fabricated.
He told the world i am his.
He told the world everything.

The dove came fleeting to tell me news. I felt..
i felt it was just to soon.

Then she told me heart break, pain, dishonesty.
Who was i to blame but myself for that wrong decision.

I asked him again and again.
He said No.. But he didn't want to loose me. The ringing of my phone and the tension was starting to confuse me.

The guardian angel was sent
and the truth ran out of him so quick.


I was angry
I was mad
I was upset
I felt my soul flee from him and my feelings became trash again.

It was over
No more future
No more promises of me being his soon to be girlfriend
No more of his overprotecting
No more young girl meets old guy
No more of his obsession
No more of his anger

No more.

He came back
He ran back
He knock doors
He wanted an answer

He wanted more of me
He missed me

I missed him
But i wasn't going to go back
I wasn't ready for the journey of me trusting him again

He's looking for attention
He's looking for what i gave him
He's looking for what he lost

Then i figured he tried to replace his pain for an exchange of happiness for he knows he's to blame.

But i made a vow to crown myself for walking away.


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  • Great post! or poem I should say, it's a good way to express your pain.


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  • Next time this might be a better fit for a Mytake. Good on you though!


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  • The pain of worrying

  • Well my Mum and Dad argue every day and it's stressing me the fuck out if that means anything.


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