Mostly directed for guys who have had real sex with more than 2 people?

If you have a girlfriend and you think she's been with at the very least 2or 3 people, sexually, based on what she has told you, youve assumed this, but you've never asked directly how many, and she's never said a number.

You guys haven't had sex. But have been together for a while now, kind of long time, and one day she tells you, that she in fact, has NEVEr had sex at all, with anyone.

What do you think upon her telling you this?

Will it it change the way you see her? The way you feel?

if you've had multiple partners, would this information make you less sexually attracted to her?

  • I would feel less attracted
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  • I would feel more attracted
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  • I'd feel the same (not want her more or less, just the same)
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  • I was more sexually attracted when I thought she had had sex before
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  • I am more sexually attracted now that I know she has never had sex with anyone
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  • I'd feel in love
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  • I'd feel easier it's to break up with her after knowing this
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I guess most guys and every one else are virgins on this site too 😕


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  • I chose indifference, but I would bear that in mind that she's a virgin and treat her a little bit easier than those veterans lol

    • Edgar what do you mean?

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    • Lol I like an intellectual converstion such as this, but we are getting off-topic. Mind following me Anon so that we may continue with this discussion offline?

    • How exactly are we off topic? I thought i'm still discussing my concern toward my question :/
      and if i follow you, you'll know who i am. There's a reason to become anonymous you know lol :D :D haha well thanks for opinions!

  • I would feel more attractive to her it shows she has self respect for herself and not sleeping with every guy that came along


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