What is a cutesy girl and do guys like them?

Pretty much all the guys I know either go for the geeky or sexy girls but there are a few that like the ultra cutesy girls, I always ask what the definition of a cutesy girl is and they always say petite and sweet (haha lol is rhymes) but do they mean and what is your definition of a cutesy girl? Do guys actually like cutesy girls?


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  • I'm definitely attracted to "cute" girls perhaps more so than "sexy" or "hot" or "geeky".
    I guess my description of a "cutesy" girl would be one who has a certain innocence about her, dresses and presents herself in an attractive but more conservative style, and would be more likely to spend a Friday night baking cookies in sweatpants and a tee shirt and playing with her dog than going to a frat party in a miniskirt and seeing how many shots she could handle.


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