What is the most weirdest or most disturbing dream you have ever had?

I dreamt I was babysitting one of my friends 6yr old son and 4yr old daughter and we are at the park. Both the boy and girl are playing on the slide and seem to be having fun until they begin to argue who goes down the slide first. I decided to join them up the top and go down first to stop the fight then asked for the boy to follow after me, and then the girl. They agreed to it and let me go down first. I lay down on my back and decide to slide down head first showing off to them both trying to be the fun and cool babysitter. I stop at the bottom and tell the kids to wait for me to get off the slide before he came down. But as I'm awkwardly laying on my back trying to get up I look up to find that the boy wouldn't wait and was on his way down the slide. I yell out to him "Don't you dare!" but he was already sliding down. I suddenly see terror on his face as he comes down towards me, like he had seen a ghost or something and screams. With me still awkwardly on my back with my legs out up in the air he slides up between my legs and dissapears!!! I finally get up and look around with no sign of my friends son anywhere! That is when I woke up...


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  • wow... sounds intense.

    my most disturbing one is very vague. I'm just in a forest, either walking or running, i can't tell. I'm pretty sure I'm being hit by arrows as I'm doing so, but i still keep walking. that's it.

    • It was intense! I was like THAT DIDN"T JUST HAPPEN? my vagina just swallowed up my friends 6yr old son alive! -_- and your dream is insane, were you frightened? I know I would freak out if arrows were shooting at me from out of nowhere haha

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    • wow! Very brave!

    • and with my dream all I could think about was if it actually happened imagining how to explain the situation to his mother!!! D:

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  • I had a dream one night I was Donald trump, I had watched golf tournament that he was hosting at his golf course earlier in the day and he was calling down all the golfers and I guess I had that image in my mind of the idiot.. anyways that night I had a dream I was him.. I awoke when one of the golfers came after him live on television and started beating me with a 7 iron over and over and over.. I woke up on the third hit.. the golfer that was smacking him with the club was Tiger woods.. when I awoke I thought to my self why was I not Tiger.. guess I was not because I am a white man.. take care

  • Recently I dreamt that my ex and I was living together at my place although we were ex..

    We even slept in same bed.. in the dream we had sex several times, but then stopped in the middle saying that we should not do that since we are not dating anymore..

    We would fuck in the kitchen, get caught n just put back our clothes n leave..

    We would sleep together n have sex, then after cumming get into a fight.. why did we fucked?

    I woke up real hard and masturbated thinking of her.. I think its weird dreaming about her

  • I once had a dream/nightmare that I was sitting around a long table
    with a bunch of people I didn't know.

    We were eating food.. but thing is, we were all fatally wounded in some way or other
    and we were stuffing the food through our gaping wounds..

    I apparently had no head, so the food went directly down my throat. ^.^

  • How did he go down the slide but managed to slide up between your legs ahahahha

    • There was a one way portal between her legs or something

    • I slid down backwards and stopped at the bottom of the slide with my legs faceing back towards the top of the slide so when he came down I was still on the slide and he got swallowed whole by my vagina...

    • God help us all.

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