Black women are into white guys and black guys are into white chicks?

u think this is true mostly? black girls are always on me so im like damn.


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  • Anyone can be into anyone regardless of color or race. So yes, black guys can be into white girls and vise versa.

    • oh. i never thought about it like that before. u must rlly think im dumb.

    • You're fine :) I just see a lot of questions like this and I always find it odd it's always about people being certain races.

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  • Black guys are like Skittles: we try to taste the rainbow. In other words, we appreciate sexual diversity (mostly), and I'm sure most white women feel the same.


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  • No, I think black guys are into white girls, but I've never seen or heard of a black girl being into a white guy. It seems to be a one-way crossover.

    • man then i dont know why they're all over me.

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    • Sure, but you and I both know that black girls and white guys don't mix.

    • of course. i know that so well that i asked a question about it. im white. pale white. and black chicks are almost *always* into me. but maybe you're right. black girls don't mix with anyone really. including black guys. thats why 70%+ of them are single. -oprah

What Guys Said 2

  • At least here in Brazil they are. It's not uncommon to see black dudes with white chicks.

  • Yeah, the black guy/white girl thing is big, but not so much the black girl/white guy pairing. Not a whole lot of interest there on either side.

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