How to keep the conversation going?

Person starts conversation with 'how you doing' meaning I'm forced to ask it back and that's the end of it all. Interesting person with nothing to say. What do I say to get it going? What are some things you can always say? It's someone I ocasionally see on parties and then hug with to say hello but never speak to and now they started a conversation


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  • if he starts the conversation then I'd expect him to get it going and not die it off instantly after you asked it back lol.
    I really hate that...

    you can try talking about hobbies , school, work or just something you know he is interested in and try to go somewhere more interesting from there.


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  • Um.

    Just ask good questions. People love talking about themselves. If you can find something the other person is interested in, a simple question could have them talking for quite a while. Never underestimate a person's willingness to talk about themselves.

    his is where the listening part really comes into play. If you don't take mental note of what the other person said, it's going to be hard to use those conversational nuggets as reference points when you're asking questions.



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  • Bring up random shit.

    Or you could try acknowledging how boring those convo starters are. And that itself may spark a better conversation

    for example:

    Person - "How you doing?"
    You - "I know you don't care how I'm doing, so let's try a different one"

  • I usually ask inane questions to generate conversation... What are your favorite pair of shoes?

  • talk about things like music or tv shows you like and be interested in what the other person has to say


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