Girls, Why do younger women stare at me but never say anything?

I am the most average looking older man. I dress my age, act my age, and most importantly, being older, I control my eyes especially if an extremely attractive women is anywhere in my field of vision. Yet, in spite of sporting a nice shiny wedding ring, and staying on whatever the topic is if I'm conversing, I (really don't think I am imgagining it), find women 10 and twenty years younger than me sometimes (almost) outright staring at me, or making numerous glances at me. To reiterate, I really am just an average looking older man. I am very happy with my life, and I'm proud of the accomplishments I've achieved thusfar in my life. I'm pretty darn sure they are not making passes at me. I am too old for that. Please be honest if you reply. I am not looking for a "Make me feel good answer". Thanks.


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  • They make just find you really good looking for your age, they may be gold diggers, it depends on the situation. They might just be curious about you, you might be familiar to them or remind them of someone they know. Lots of diverse possibilities