So if you go anon or are a newbie and ask something your question will automatically fall into total oblivion?

I thought that limiting the amount of question to 3 a day was to prevent questions from falling into the bitter pit of disdain and lack of responses, but ever since that specific update, most questions from anons or newbies seem to have become much more prone to being ignored than those from popular users. Why is that? Was that part of the plan, somehow?

Two days later and zero opinions! That's exactly what I'm talking about.
This must be a new fucking record; a whole week without a single comment.


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  • I don't think that was the intention. I think it was more about cleaning up the feed. Now that everyone sees the "popular" questions again and again if you don't get a hit soon, it get's left in the dust. A better idea might be to have unanswered questions featured in some way, so that a question that someone is really struggling with can stay in the spotlight longer. (Such as "what do I do now that my "friend" took advantage of me" that few will have an answer for as opposed to "do you like ice cream? that everyone will jump on)

    • Yeah I kind of don't like the kind of questions like do you like this, what are you doing right now or what is your favorite blah blah blah questions. Just sucking up the feed.

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    • Well thank you anyway.

    • You're welcome :D

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