Do you honestly believe me because it might seem crazy?

Since I'm a little girl I see things. I see ghosts. It's not like in the TV show with Patricia Arquette "Medium". They never asked me anything, oh well if there is a mourning person related to them in a cimetery they want their loved one are in peace. When I go to castle, museum, old places I see them... Like wondering persons very cordial, they know I can see them.
The most sad, horrifying and heart breaking moment was when I was in fort in Verdun. I was leaning on a stone wall, he was orange. The guid told us a lot of German soldiers lost their lives because they were trying to warm their meal next to a looots of bomb. And when she said that I've seen a soldier, clear as day. Like this:

Do you honestly believe me because it might seem crazy ?Do you think I'm crazy? I love wondering to the Père Lachaise cimetery but most of the famous people rest peacefully.


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  • Get this book: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss

    I don't think you're crazy, there's enough evidence out there and you're not alone.


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  • I don't think you are crazy either. I've met people who've been able to sense these things. I've also had a weird experience once that made me believe that spirits exist.


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  • I don't think you're crazy (as in "mentally ill") but I do think you're imagining stuff. It's possible that you're doing it unconsciously or maybe you just easily fall for illusions of your own brain but I don't believe that you see actual ghosts because there is no evidence that ghosts actually exist.

  • It would be possible, or it could not, we know very little about our own brains, and their capabilities, there's been evidence for reincarnation, telepathy, telekinesis and a variety of other things, so why not paranormal sensing?


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  • No, I think many things are possible.

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