Another - Two Lies and a Truth game?

MINE is:

1) I broke my ankle after falling down the stairs

2) After a WWE show, I had my photo taken with WWE star Roman Reigns

3) My cousin is a Professional Bodybuilder and a member of the IFBB
Another - Two Lies and a Truth game?


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  • eh okay here we go.

    - I french kissed a guy
    - I lost my drivers license because of speeding at least once
    - I give dancing lessons in my free time

    should be easy for people who follow me :P

    not guessing yours since I've read already the comments


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  • I think the first one is the truth.

    1) I am actually 22 and not 21
    2) I'm from Australia
    3) I love chocolate

  • 1. My auntie and her partner are well know sound designers and have worked on movies like the hobbit.
    2. A relative of mine has published a novel.
    3. I used to patrol the beach as a Surf Lifesaver.

    • It's actually the first one. My relative has written a book but hasn't published it and I had my surf rescue certificate but never did any patrols.

  • 1. I play piano
    2. I adore raccoons
    3. I have been to Hong Kong

  • I eat babies
    I'm obsessed with destroying the moon
    I plan to have 2 kids. A boy and a girl

  • 1 and 3 are lies. 2 is the truth

    1) my first job was a greeter in Epcot at Disney World
    2) I had my first kiss last month
    3) I've been skydiving once a year for the past 3 years

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