Would you guys get off on a webcam for money?

Lolol. So I made $23.31 in 10 minutes. Logged on lurking decided to take off my shirt. Then I noticed I had some viewers.. Then it skyrocketed to 90+ viewers. Apparently they were tipping me just for having my shirt off.

Would you guys get off on a webcam for money?

lolol.. I made that in 10 minutes.. Imagine if I worked all day? FCKK. Now that is money.. Think I found my new gig

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  • Yeah man there's literally a website where you just cam yourself and people either just watch you, donate stuff to you or whatever man. It's mostly the girls that makes them ridiculous amount of money from them idiot guys

    • Yeah I did that on onlinechat. com I think I'm going to try chaturbate. com

  • Don't you have to get offered that?

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