Question about Tinder?

If you're a woman and choose "Men and Women", do straight women come up? Like, do you choose "Men and Women", they choose "Men Only" and they still show up on your phone? I'd hate to find out all the hot singles in my area are straight.

(Except for that one trans man and the girl who had a photo taken in the Pride Parade. Those may be regular in LA or NYC, but it makes you happy that there's a LGBT community in your city when you live in Turkey. I still can't believe I found a black lesbian in Istanbul.)


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  • If you select "Men & Women" you'll get only women that have selected "Men & Women" or just "Women". You won't get women that have selected only "Men" cause that would be pointless.


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  • I don't have tinder, but I'm pretty sure it will show you women who also checked off "men and women".

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