Which of these is the most disturbing thing you can Google?

I did another question kinda like this, But it was about gross-out videos, That would make you sick.
The things on this list are some of the most disturbing and cruel things that people have ever put on the internet, That you don't even have to go to that nightmare hell called the deep web to look up.

* Don't Google unless you can really handle it*

1. Shovel dog - An Extreme act of animal cruelty caught on camera, and posted to the internet.

2. Brian Peppers - A sex offender, His appearance was so strange people thought pictures of him were fake.
3. Mexican Cartel Snitching - Ugh, Pretty self-explanatory

4. 3 guys, 1 hammer - Don't know if you can find this real-life horror video easily, And don't know why you would want to.
5. Poso Massacre-Some of the sickest attacks ever documented

6. 4-Chan Killer- Post from this guy can still be found online

7. 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick - Like it sounds

  • Shovel Dog
    Vote A
  • Brian Peppers
    Vote B
  • Mexican Cartel Snitching
    Vote C
  • 3 guys, 1 hammer
    Vote D
  • Poso Massacre
    Vote E
  • 4- Chan Killer
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  • 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick
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  • Though I'm sure all of these are pretty fucked up I already know it's the first one. You have no idea how emotional I yet when it comes to animal abuse when Animal Cops came on and that was only PG...


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  • none of these are particularly disturbing to me


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