Whats an attractive makeup look to you?

What's an attractive makeup look to you, give me an example if you can post a pic or something. (;
Whats an attractive makeup look to you?


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  • i, like 98% of guys can't post a picture because we don't know much, if anything, about makeup. like the monkeys that say "no makeup" fail to realize most girls they think aren't wearing makeup are, they just don't notice it.


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  • Either minimal makeup or vintage makeup.
    For me, minimal makeup is just filling in my sparse eyebrows and putting on some mascara. Sometimes a tinted moisturizer as well.

    Vintage makeup for me is a sharp winged eyeliner, mascara, tinted moisturizer, filled in eyebrows. Maybe a dark red lip if I feel like taking that extra step.

    I think makeup is supposed to enhance what you already have. So more dramatic makeup looks are unattractive to me.


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