What does it mean if a guy is called (your such a girl) that has a randomly funny feminine personality.. I also wear male thongs?

Twice I wore a thong bikini at dry town water park in Palmdale CA as well as Venice beach in CA and American women commented as well laughed and took pictures... I'm scared of bugs, spiders, I wear colorful socks... my family thinks I'm crazy and I love sleeping in a thong or naked as well I would love to be a nudist cuz I think I'm sexy and my moms friend told me I need a dominant woman.. either a physically capable, dominant mentally... and a baby cried at a party because I was a table with the baby and she cried when I left... my moms friend had me hold the baby and then my mom said I better not see that for a while... when I say or act mildly retarded funny randomly my parents say they worry about me... Can u guys tell me what woman would be really good for me and but they told me I can get a hot virgin with my personality... I am a cancer guy 20 years old introverted!!!


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  • They specifically told you you could get a hot virgin? Are you a virgin?

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    • Thanks for MHG!

    • Your welcome!!

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  • Bro are you sure you like girls? No offense or anything

    • Yes I do I have over 5,000 photos of naked women and in thongs for my enjoyment.. I think about a lot of women I know that I want to fuck but I'm doing my best to wait for marriage or the right girl can u just answer the question please