I have missed out on so many things in life due to social anxiety, and lack of socializing skills, and the want to be alone, or forced to be?

Missed out on great friendships through life, had some once, but they all left me behind. I believe one because I am quiet, but also because I hated what they turned into, bunch of pot heads. It's fine if you smoke pot just not all the time, or becoming a dealer.

I've missed out on dating and relationships with girls/women, because I just don't know what I would do with them. Plus I've never known how to notice their subtle interest in me, though in hindsight I believe here were a few. But they'd never come out and say it.

Missed out on being anything close to 'normal' or relatable to oher humans. I have not been able to gain any independence because I cannot get a full time career. Been through school pretty much all through my 20's, and learning things you want to learn is fine and good, but I really do not want to go to school for something I don't want to learn. It seems that I will have to spend eternity learning and not acquiring work.

Seems like the only things I am good at are pretty useless, like creative things like writing songs and music. But those are pretty weird things to be good at, and most people could care less about a skill like that.

How do I go about living some kind of life where I experience what I want to experience rather than be something more like a tool for somebody who is above me? I need some freedom, I need some independence, and I need to experience things that all humans want... love, respect, understanding, and the feeling that I am on the same level as other people.

How do I achieve these things. Inknkw I'm not going to have a normal life, as I have never felt like I belonged anywhere, and without ever having a career I will have to work until the day I die (which in some ways I wish was soon), and I have not experienced anything that even most teenagers experience.

How do I go about getting these things in my life?


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  • Oh man, it seems like you just described my life here! I am 29, but I have probably wasted more than one-third of my life, and the prime of my youth. The only difference is, I believe in the phrase 'better late than never', so I would be incorporating some drastic changes into my life this year. You should too! :)