Is there anything I can do to my mobile to get better reception?

I noticed my friends S6 has slightly better reception than my s5.

Are there any settings i can change on my phone to improve it? Or download any apps?


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  • Usually its just the size of the receiver. The receiver for many phones is just the metal case that surrounds the phone. I think the s6 is larger than the s5 and thats why it has better reception. I know that if you wave your phone above your head, the brain waves boost the signal. I know its sounds funny, but it actually does work. You can also have a metal dish around your phone and boosts the signal, similar to the way a satellite dish works. But that kinda looks weird if you carry a metal dish with you lol.

    • What if I stick a torch to my phone? Or staple wire?

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    • Folk* not staple wire lol

    • I mean not torch lol

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