Give me all the on why gender equality is right or wrong?

Give me all the reasons why you think gender equality is right or wrong.


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  • Is this a trick question?

    Why would it be wrong? Like, why on Earth would treating men and women and everyone in between EQUALLY and WITHOUT PREJUDICE be a bad thing? A wrong thing? For that matter, if we're talking morally, HOW WOULD IT BE WRONG?

    Here's the deal. Men are not Women are not Non-binary. Simply put, we're not the same. But we're all human beings, we're all trying to make it by on this dammed spacerock and we all live and breath and eat and sleep and laugh and cry and wish for more like the greedy humans we are. We're not the same in some ways, but in the most fundamental and basic ways, we are. Now, knowing this, why should I as a man be treated any better or any worse (usually better, let's be real) than a woman in the same position. Why should I feel confidence walking home at night when women can't? Why should I know all of the famous crazy MALE scientists that I love but never HEAR of the females? Why should I not be allowed to wear dresses because they're 'un-manly'?
    The social distinction between the genders is something that doesn't really benefit us as a race. Maybe as an individual (MAYBE), but not as a race. Neither side benefits, although we men definitely have it better. I mean, so many men commit suicide due to the relentless stereotype that's in place on them, even more women are denied rights to their uniquely female body parts due to bigoted medical fools and those that can't figure out which they are due to genetic weirdness are just hated upon for something they can't even change!

    It makes no sense to me why someone would support not treating all genders with the same level of respect, decency and support. That's what gender equality is. That's all it's ever been. What's so wrong about that? What's not right about it?