What do you think the biggest change in humanity is going to be in the next 100-200-300 years?

Assuming humans don't exterminate humanity in some way by destroying the environment or nuking the planet too much, etc. etc. So, just talking about human technological or social development.

I was listening to a Joe Rogan Experience with Dan Savage, and Joe believes that in the future, this theme of technological information sharing is going to lead to humans living other humans lives. A legit hive mind experience.

What do you think will be a huge society changer, in the future?

Oh, by "humans living other human's lives", I meant literally. Like jumping into someone's consciousness or observing everyone's consciousness, or taking over a person's body for a day or something. He was sorta abstract with it, but yeah.


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  • I don't think social interaction will be common. Everything done through technology.


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