Horrible experience at lifeline service - how can I regain trust?

I often deal with bad thoughts.
I've tried those lifelines and chats. Last time I waited on someone to talk to. I was on hold in one hour and was greeted by a guy in a horrible mood, where he spoke to me in a very downgrading and negative tone. He even snorted at me twice.
So I lost all trust in those sites and feel like they'll judge me if I call.

How can I regain the trust? I know there is nice persons out there, but I'm honestly too scared to call those lines again.


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  • Different groups have different guidelines and requirements. Just like it's sometimes difficult to find a therapist who's a good fit, it can be difficult to find a service that's a good fit. Just don't call those particular people back in the future and keep a list of the people you do like.

    I think you also need to discuss this with your parents and possibly a school official so you can get real world help and stop this cycle.

    • One of the problems are that I don't really have any people I can call. My parents honestly don't care. i've tried to talk to them, wrote letters, email, called - I even made a former teacher talk to them. (I had a really good bond with him)

      Where I come from there's only 1-2 services and sites - and I have tried both. I just can't seem to shake the experince off me, as I feel like i'm just being a whiny little a-hole.

    • We both know that's the depression talking.

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  • Talk to us here. Most of us have had some cross to bear, so we are all on your side. Most of us do not judge, we don't dismiss people out of hand. We listen and try to understand. We advise if we can, or just be a shoulder to cry on when we can't.

    • You know this is irresponsible advice. We are not professionals and this girl clearly needs professional help.

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    • @BellePepper Maybe, then, GAG is of no practical use apart from answering inane "Rate-me" and "Is my ---- big enough" questions?

    • That is exactly why GaG is not the place for the more serious types of questions.

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