Any mechanics out there?

Hay, I spent yesterday trying to replace the catalytic converter, on a 2002 Subaru Outback, and I can't for the life of me get to that top bolt that connects it to the exhaust pipes comming off of the engine. Any iideas on how to reach that damned thing. It's a 9/16 bolt with only a 1/2" clearance, I tried for over an hour to get to that damned thing. #gotmybutkickedbyacat

So I ended up dropping the entire exhaust system, and guess what? The parts store gave me a wrong gasket. ... so once more into the breach my friends
Well, I got it installed, and we passed emissions. All is well that ends well. Thanks again for all the advice and ideas.


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  • First, why are you replacing the cat converter? Is it leaking? Too much smoke in exhaust?

    I don't know how that car was nutted but why can't you reach it? Is it clogged by other pipes?

    • The car is acting like the cat is bad, (feels like the gears are slipping, etc) and the check engine code put it as a cat problem. We used one of those gas additives and it cleared the check engine light for a short amount of times so it's not a sensor, (besides the sensors are only 2 years old). And it's beginning to rattle for a little. the problem is that the bolt is above and behind the exhaust system, and there's no way to get a socket on it, and there's not enough room for a wrench to turn. It's one of those bolts that is nutted on the other end and needs to be backed, I can get a backing wrench on it, but there's just no room to loosen this bolt.

      It's that nut right by oxygen sensor number 1

    • You should use wrench,
      If the automobile mechanics have messed with it, they sometimes weld the bolts, also its possible that the bolts themselves get jammed , tighten up due to heat. Anyways , its best if you just break them, and use new bolts.

      So, ya use two wrenches and pop them off. Beware though, cat converter falls without warning once you pop open the bolts, don't let it fall on your head xD

  • my suggestion is use mutable long extensions with a swivel socket

    • I'll try again tomorrow and let you know. Thanks for the suggestion.

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