21st birthday holiday ideas?

So I turned 21 last July, and since the beginning of 2015 we have been planning a trip for my birthday present. It will be just me and my partner going, it will be our first holiday together so we want it to be special. Unfortunately things keep popping up, and we end up spending the money we have saved on more important things like fixing the roof! So our budget is rather small...

So far the ideas we have come up with are; going on a murder mystery weekend, spending the weekend in a haunted hotel or find a quirky hotel someplace nice. We can't find anything that we both like and has a good price.

So any different ideas we could look into, would be really grate!

The rules are:
*We don't want a boring everyday holiday by the beach, it has to be something quirky.
*Can't be more then £250 per person, so nothing that will brake the bank.
*Has to be in the UK, we don't want to pay more for passports.
*I love anything scary, exiting and fun... But he won't do anything that isn't 100% safe. So no planes, rides, or real guns.

Thank you! I can't wait to hear what you come up with.


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  • Then get wasted since u turned 21... I dunno how old he's but if he's above 21 as well... go both of u to some bar and drink... sure u r not gonna spend more than 250 pounds I guess...

    And if u wanna have sth quirky as u say... well quirky stuff happen when u r drunk... so... ;)

    • We did this on my birthday... Well he dosnt drink so we went to an all you can eat and I had a beer.
      But he still hasn't gotten me anything for a presnt so I wanted to go on a holiday. We have been living togeather for 5 years now and havnt stayed anywhere other then our own beds, I am dieing to go on holiday ha ha.

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    • Just turned 30 xD

    • Well he's still a young man... not a grandpa...

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  • Maybe a rock concert?
    Maybe a haunted restaurant?
    movies and plan a party Halloween theme?