My parents are fighting help😥?

okay im 15 and my dad has cocaine addiction he refusing to get help and he's depressed and blaming my mother and me for his drug addiction and he been stealing food from my mom and threating us to as well lately and he been calling us names too my dad has not been going to therphy
and he's been using cocaine for days and my dad is nasty for no reason
please i need help
i dont know what too😥


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  • Seriously you should find a meeting near you and go, and your mom should find an al-anon meeting and go herself. You can't force your dad to get help, but you and your mom should get help for yourselves and have a supportive environment of people like you who are going through the same difficulties and/or who have been down that road before.

    Best of luck, keep your head up!

    • Hey thanks omg yesss💕👣😍

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    • Thanks i need it things are not approving on its own😒

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  • You and Mom Need to Stop Enabling this Bad dad, he Needs... Much Needed help in his problem.
    Talk to mom about dad's drug habit which Needs to be addressed, @deathstars, as soon as possible. If she tells you he will Not resort to Go, then tell Mom you Both... Need to go somewhere else until dad comes to his senses, or get Him removed from this environment. Having him around You at your young age and even living under the same rough roof with you and Mom, is Not Healthy nor Safe nor Sound when he is Around.
    Coke is a Hard habit to Kick and unless he gets the Help he desperately Needs here, dear, a jail cell may end up to be his Only bet in the end With... Going cold turkey and three small square meals a day.
    Many drug users tend to get themselves in trouble and find out the hard way that a jail Cell is Hell.
    Good luck and my blessings.. I have dealt with those on drugs and it is not easy. It May Start with 'Stealing food' but tell mom to hide her Purse.. It goes Further. xx

    • If he won't leave, Get an Order to have Him removed or Go to a shelter until you and mom can work out something with social service help. xx

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    • thanks 👍🎀💕😍

    • :)) xxoo

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  • i say this with a heavy heart. but sometimes the only thing life is something called tough love. yes you might love him because its your father but you and your mom have to make a turf chose. between leaving or going down with the ship.. has it ever came across your mind that there is something you can do on your own, that will be hard for you to do that thing is, when you know he has it call the police or report him so they can follow him and arrest him and his dealer. the court can mandate him to get help.
    as someone who has seen the destruction things like this can do to a family. i hope you can find the strength to make your life better than what it is now.

  • I dont know. Im sorry for you :(
    Bad parents. I hate it


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  • What you are seeing is not the man you have known your entire life, it is an addict.
    Addicts lie, cheat and steal. His addiction has taken him over. He no longer has a soul, like a robot he only functions to get his next fix.
    There is not much you can do.
    He needs to want to change and commit himself.
    If he doesn't at least want it , he will die a druggy.
    I hope he comes to the realization before it is too late, just be there and support your Mom.
    Hold each other.
    Love each other.
    Use this as a time to form an even stronger bond.

  • Maybe you should go stay with your grandparents? Or move to a different state?