What does this mean? Please help?

There is a girl at my school. I dont know her and I've never talked to her. I've never thought about her until last night I saw her in my dream.
The dream was... me and my friend we were sitting on a bench, we were talking and she and her friend come to us we start talking and suddenly everything fades away and she was the only I was able to see. This is the only thing I remember.
I dont know why I saw her in my dream? What is the meaning of this?
And a few days ago my crush kept ignoring me for 5 days I write her she doesn't reply even though she is online, so I lost faith in her even though I gave her all the love I have in me. I tried my best to make her happy. And I feel like I want someone to love me just as much I love them. I dont know. I just want to know the meaning if the dream


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  • That's just a random dream, doesn't mean anything


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