Is it actually shocking to you when you see a white woman online not badmouthing white men in some way?

Usually, They are either bragging out how much better other races of men are, Or apologizing and writing a mini novel explaining why they are not racist for liking white men.
Just something crazy I notice, And it's actually pretty shocking when you see one that doesn't lol

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, it shocks me when I see any person stick up for whites. As with other races, white people get shit on constantly. However, they're the only race deemed 1) socially acceptable to be openly shit upon, and 2) scorned for trying to defend themselves. Therein lies the difference between whites and other races in the eyes of pop culture.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't let the trolls on here get to ya. I have heard shit about Tumblr though.. I thought that site was all sex gifs and emotional quotes

    • I'm not down anymore, Just blew my mind when I realized that lol

      Just got to avoid the negative places. And thanks, Man!

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    • You seek them out? Nothing on the internet is surprising anymore

    • They are not that hard to find, And I have a pretty sick curiosity.

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  • Funny I have never noticed that.


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  • When you step over to tumblr like i often do (I'm a masochist) you'll see a gigantic amount of white woman saying shit about white guys.

    • Yeah. Not to mention their hashtags on twitter, Their topics on Topix, And countless other white male hate sites.