Should I hate or accept my nickname of "prettyboy" at the campus rec centre?

For some reason since I started to play basketball at the campus rec centre and pick it back up I picked up the nickname "pretty boy." I don't look like a typical athlete I'm 5" 11.5 and skinny but I get by with my shot and am pretty skilled. I'm a descent athlete but other guys are much better raw athletes than I am and whenever i score, make a steal, or assist i hear comments of "that's not bad for pretty boy" or "you let a white pretty boy score on you" to the guy I score on.


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  • If you're good it doesn't matter what nicknames they call you. Let your skill do the talking.

    • Also if they know it gets under your skin theyll only want to call you it MORE. So dont let them know it bothers you even if it does.

    • I played in a league in HS of a lot of small mostly white schools and their was trash talking but it was differint. Now by my third year at uni its like every time a white kid scores it like they are called a "white boy"or a "pretty boy". I have began talking back trash back and embracing it a little but its still lije just cause I'm white doesn't mean I'm not good.

    • I dont know what to tell you. I think confronting them about it would only make things worse :/

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  • They seem gay for you. Perhaps they fantasize about your pretty assh*le often.

    • It's not a compliment or implying I'm attractive its just like a shot calling me soft, white or i don't belong on the court with them.

    • Yeah, I know that some people do that. And I was only joking by the way :P
      From personal experience I've found that when people see you react to your nickname, then tend to increase calling you that. Best to just ignore it and soon they'll get bored.