Should he have to pay?

I went to a party this weekend and someone popped a bottle of champagne. After that he proceeded to shove the bottle in multiple people's mouths. He was drunk and tried to dive it in my mouth and chipped my tooth. When he was drunk he said he'd pay for it, now he is saying "You're responsible for the things you do when you're drunk" I'm in wrong to ask him to pay?

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  • WTF? If that bitch ass don't pay you should either sue, or beat his ass!

    • To sue I would probably end up spending more money that to get it fixed that's why I don't know what to do

    • He'd be liable for the costs. Tell your dad or something, if that happened to my daughter I'd march that little prick to an atm! lmao

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  • if he chipped your tooth he should pay and vice versa.


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