Why are pants rip at crotch region more often?

I wear pants and shirt to college and occasionally only I wear skirt. It is tight fitting pants and the problem is it rips at crotch region. It is embarrasing. What to do? How to prevent such rip? Is it because I wear them more number of days without washing?


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  • Have you ever consider wearing jeggings?

    Sometimes it also depends on the material and maker. So switch brands and check.

    Your jeans might be a little to tight for you?

    Jeans should last you a good 10-20 wear/wash depending if you get them dirty or whatnot.

    Your legs in the crotch area might be running those threads thin where you should consider getting it hemmed and get those threads in your crotch area, reinforced.

    Or you can buy those torn jeans and if your crotch happens to tear, hey at least no one is going to mind, at least not the guys lol

    • It is my college uniform pants just like you boys wear. Not jeans or leggings. It is stitched close really. When I walk with hands inside its front pockets wrinkles form and after some time I can see the stitching going off at region of wrinkles

    • lol... boys won't wear restrictive pants... at least, not in my case. I wear jeans straight. Sometimes torn jeans, slacks, or whatever my better half wants to see me in. If this is a college uniform, ya don't need style with that shit and show your camel toe. You wear tight outfit so guys notice those curves?

      Does your school require it to be jeans? You mentioned skirt, go with that if your more fashion-conscious.

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  • Because penis wants out !

    • oh, i am girl

    • Because penis wants IN. ^^

    • Dear, this pants is not meant for such purpose. I am weearing it to college as uniform pants. It is blue pants made of cotton + polyester material with two front side pockets.

  • I like ur questions but i dont hav any suggestion


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