Guys and girls anyone tried the new "mindfulness" exercise to combat stress?

its basically like maditation where you only focus on the present and forget about the past and future things that people worry about I read its good for study stress.


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  • have you tried it?

    physical exertion (working out, cleaning, dishes, etc) has worked for me.

    • yeah it does like going for a long walk but the meditation is more time saving you sit on the floor and concentrate for 15 min then you feel fine for the rest of the day but exercise relieves more and makes you happier lol

    • i've meditated a few times. it's effective =)

      exercise is better in my opinion, releases endorphins. especially before u go to work. but --------- you can meditate anywhere. even in the doctor's waiting room.

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  • I've practiced mindfulness before and I definitely feel like it works.

  • I think I've always had that mindset, and I've got to say I'm not really that stressed out