Can dogs and cats get along O. o?

My sister got herself a dog 2 years ago as a new born puppy; good memories X3

Now my family wants a kitten, how do I make sure they don't fight O. o


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  • I think there are plenty of advises online for that kind of situations. Though, I do think that if you take a young kitten, it will be easier. The mail issue is when both are adults, they get territorial but when one of them if really young, the younger will be more submissive at first and that will be a better way to be accepted.

    I had this situation with two cats. It's pretty similar. The second one got accepted because he was small and ill. She was more submissive because of that and my other cat was pretty much taking care of her.

    • Went online to look X3 but want personal experience

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  • Yes! Absolutely they can, i have a small dog that actually hates other dogs, but loves cats. They play together, sleep beside one another, they even share a food bowl lol but they get along great. Which ever situation will be different, but hope it works out for you!


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