My grandma keep calling me my dead mother name. What should I do?

Even though, I keep telling her not too.


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  • If your grandmother's memory is failing, she will be seeing in your face the face of her daughter. When your mother was your age she was alive and living with your grandmother. So that is what memory your face brings to your grandmother.


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  • Do you look a lot like your Mother? It's very possible that there's a huge resemblance and she is constantly reminded of her daughter.
    I don't think she means any harm.
    She's probably still dealing with the loss even after all of that time.
    She is still grieving.
    Don't allow you to let this get you upset, I don't think she is doing this as a way to be vengeful.

    • No I don't look like my mother. I am a twin she only does that too me. My grandmother used to go to this church, which I hate because I feels like it's a cult. She used to go with my mom but I do not believe whatever the hell they used to do over there. she want me to go with her, but I don't want to.

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  • Just let it go. she's old. Does it REALLY matter? Maybe it makes her feel better?


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  • Does your grandma have dementia or something like that?

    • No she do not have dementia.

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