Do you have a involuntary rule like mine for texting?

When I am chatting with someone that isn't part of my close friends, I never send out more than 3 text before getting a reply back.

I didn't think about this, but it just started naturally occuring, probably because I had people send me novels and novels and it felt like I was being spammed at a time when I really didn't have the time to read all that.

My best friends have to suck it up as I do for them and accept the fact that they gained the privilege to disturb me at any time.

What self made or involuntary texting habbits do you have?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If I really like someone I come up with rules like,

    I'll allow them to text me first (If they haven't today, I'll allow them a few days to do so).
    When they text me first,... I'll make it my efforts to text them first the next time to show my interest.

    I never like being the first to text over and over, I like to SEE that the person has a fair amount of interest in me as well.

    When I receive the message, I try not to immediately respond.
    Sometimes I'll give it a few minutes or an hour.
    Other times I'll answer almost immediately.

    My whole reasoning behind this is to not come off as desperate.
    I want to look like I have a life, not that my whole time is revolving around texts, haha :)/

    Rules! Yes Rules!

    • These are good rules! Although I don't like when someone answers slow too much, because in my head it isn't that they "have a life" it's more of a "I must be deep down in her priority list" or if after a while she answered way too short of a answer i feel like there is no interest ~
      But I do like that you make sure to text first too! That would definitely help hint towards your feelings.

      Good rules! haha

    • :) Thanks

Most Helpful Guy

  • If I get a reply back thats "lol" or ":D" or "haha" I never reply until the other person says something back because I consider it a conversation stopper.

    If I get a reply back thats "K" I delete the person immediately :)

    • yes, that would definitely be something hard to reply to. unless you just send back a lol as well, and then RIP conversation...

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  • I guess the only thing is that I'm more conservative with my lol's and emojis. Like they're a sign of weakness and I don't want to express that without knowing who they are.

    • That's so true! I often send a emoji and if I don't get one back I avoid using them again! hahaha

  • I don't really have any rules. I just do what feels natural. I try not to text people too much but I also assume people will read and respond whenever it's a good time for them. I've never gotten annoyed or judged someone based on how they text.

    • That's nice! Cause you'd be surprised of how many people go berserk when you do a typo or answer in a different way.
      (such as more emoticons and creative punctuation)

  • I always use punctuation, except when I'm mad or annoyed with someone. Then it's a quick response without a period.

    • That's very interesting! I've had girlfriends tell me that I don't use a dot at the end of what I say unless I'm mad!
      I think we react in opposite ways to anger. haha

  • I don't think about it or follow any "rules" I just do what feels ok


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