Girls, what "long legs" problems do you have?

Mine are

1. Putting on pants, pantyhose, tights, etc
2. Shorts
3. Stretching
4. Bending them and having two mountains in front of you
5. You struggle to put shoes on because your feet are a mile away
6. Stares from guys
7. (This obviously doesn't apply to all) when clipping your toenails, long legs and a large bust don't mix
8. If you want to cross your legs under a table, forget it!
9. Pants that are supposed to be ankle length come down your calves
10. (Again, doesn't apply to all and not me anymore) constantly being stopped in the school halls for shorts and making sure that they are "finger tip length"
11. People assume that just because you claim to have long legs and if they don't have a visual of you, they think that you are very tall when you're only just 5'6. (Tall girls have long legs too, I know. But average height girls do as well ;) )

What are yours?


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  • My long legs problem is the fact that I don't have long legs :P

  • OMG.. I can relate to all of those.. Although maybe not so much now with No.4 & No.7 since I had my BR done five years ago.

  • Well I am small, 5'3 ish and in comparison to my body i have long legs and my arms are short and its so annoying to cross ur legs!!! god