I have a problem. I don't speak much?

I rarely speak. At work I hardly say anything.
I can go a whole day without saying much. My coworkers don't like working with me (I overheard them say so).

What can I do? I don't have many friends because of this. I'm really tired of this as I am 23 and have been this way since high school.

I've drifted apart from most people and now I kinda just interact with my family.


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  • I am the same way. It's a natural feeling not to say much. But this doesn't mean you have to live in sadness. There is great beauty in the world, learn to see it, people will recognize appreciation of the world, and they will be drawn to it. You will be calm amid chaos. Equanimity in the face of tribulation.


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  • maybe next time you see a coworker or an acquaintance just say a quick hey how was your day.


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